Commissions and Remodelling

What's Involved?

Jewellery can often be altered or reworked in a number of ways. A step further is to redesign the piece entirely to suit the wearer. Jewellery is made to be worn after all so it's a shame if it permanently sits in a box because it's not your style.
The amethyst and diamond ring shown was brought in by a client with other pieces, inherited from her grandmother, requesting that it be recreated in a style that she would wear and there were options.  With a beautifully crafted, desirable antique piece in great condition however it's important to ask yourself whether it's desirable to alter it t all.
When commissioning or remodelling a piece of jewellery it's a good start to approach a jeweller who has some designs in a style that you like as this can be a starting point to your design and means you are more likely to achieve a piece that you love.