Wedding bands

Wedding bands are a lifetime purchase so taking a moment to read about our wedding ring service and the processes involved before you receive the finished item/s will hopefully give you an insight and help you choose.
Selecting a wedding band is easy for some, they will opt for a style, perhaps having thought about it already after seeing it somewhere and this works fine with minor changes. Then the only other considerations are metal and measuring your finger size. 
If you're not so certain then to help you decide there are some points to consider.
Metal colour is a personal choice, so choose the one you prefer. People generally have a good idea of whether a yellow or white metal is their preference and often that's based on their skin tone. Gold normally will be yellow, white or red (rose)in colour. Whichever of these three you select 18 ct gold provides the best option for durability because of the higher gold content, being 75% pure gold. 9 ct gold 37.5% pure gold but is at a lower price point to reflect this.
White gold for all carats has an enhanced whiteness with the addition of rhodium plating. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family and a scarce metal which contributes to white gold being more expensive than yellow gold in the same carat. Platinum is also a white metal, rare at 95% pure and durable. It doesn't require rhodium plating and is well worth considering along with white gold.
After metal choices there are different shapes or profiles for the band and we have some examples of these in different weights too for comparison.
For women with an engagement ring quite often the band will be the same metal,  width and style as this is the popular choice. But it can be different if you wish, especially if you swap your engagement ring in favour of other rings to wear with your band instead.
Usually at least one visit to the workshop is required to discuss your requirements and budget and also obtain your ring size. However it can be done online with the ring sizer available in our shop. 
Once the rings are chosen I will then send you an accurate quote and you can decide on this or make changes. I can also quote for different metals in the same style for different options.
Once made, a further visit can be made to try the rings again before they are sent for hallmarking at the London Assay Office (see hallmarked band above) but isn't strictly necessary. 
The process from beginning to end takes around 4 weeks.